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Hiring A Dayboat
You are visiting the wonderful Norfolk Broads, so what better way of seeing the beauty of the area, than by hiring a boat for an hour, half day or a whole day. Wherever you are staying, you will not be far from a boatyard which offers day boat and picnic boat hire. If you are staying at a property with its own waterfront and with access to the rivers, you might want to book a dayboat for a few days, or for the duration of your stay. This is possible and you will be able to tie the boat up outside your property, and not have to return it to the boatyard each evening. Take a look at the map below to see which is the nearest to where you are staying, then click the appropriate location and see which yards offer picnic boats and/or day boats. Finally, call the yard to arrange a booking.
A map showing boat hire locations Norfolk Broads

Typical dayboat for hire by the day
Dayboats are more basic in that they tend to be just fitted out with a seating area. Typically, they are capable of seating up to 12 people.
Typical picnic boat for hire by the day
Picnic boats are larger than dayboats and typically can seat up to 12 people. Facilities available onboard vary according to operator, but usually include a toilet. On some boats you will also find a gas hob for making hot drinks etc.
luxury dayboats at Potter Heigham
A few boatyards operate luxury day cruisers, which usually include better furnishings, together with toilets, cooking facilities and all the utensils and cutlery you might need. They tend to be bookable for half or full days only.


Boulters Marine
Day boats
Tel: 01692 630498

Ferry Marina 
Day boats, picnic boats and luxury cruisers
Tel: 01692 63111

Norfolk Boat Hire 
Day boats and picnic boats 
Tel: 01692 630707

Norfolk River Cottages 
Day boats and picnic boats
Tel: 07900 954101 


Broads Tours 
Day boats and picnic boats
Tel:01603 782207

Barnes Brinkcraft 
Day boats and picnic boats
Tel: 01603 782625

Fineway Leisure 
Day boats and picnic boats
Tel: 01603 782309

Wroxham Boat Hire 
Day boats 
Tel: 01603 783051 

Day boats
Tel: 01603 782809


Herbert Woods 
Day boats and luxury cruisers
Tel: 01692 670711

Phoenix Fleet 
Day boats and picnic boats 
Tel: 01692 670460

Martham Ferry Boatyard 
Day boats and picnic boats
Tel: 01493 748291


Moonfleet Marine Stalham 
Day boats
Tel: 01692 580288


Sutton Staithe Boatyard 
Day boats
Tel: 01692 581653


Wayford Marine
Day boats, picnic boats and luxury cruisers 
Tel: 01692 581809 

Banks Boats Wayford Bridge 
Day boats
Tel: 01692 582457 


Day boats
Tel: 01493 750378


Waveney River Tours
Day boats
Tel: 01502 574903

Burgh St Peter

Waveney River Centre
Day boats and luxury cruisers
Tel: 01502 677343 


Hiipperson Day Boats Beccles 
Day boats 
Tel: 01502 712166


Freedom Day Boat Hire 
Day boats
Tel: 01603 858453

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